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Georgia School Exemptions

Georgia law allows for two types of exemptions from the immunization requirements: medical and religious. Each child must have one of two items on file - either a valid Georgia Immunization Certificate (Form 3231) or a signed, notarized statement, which is called an affidavit of religious exemption (DPH 2208).

GCVC has compiled detailed exemption information for children of all ages (from newborns in daycare through kids in college). Click below for resources.


*For additional information on school requirements, please also visit the Georgia Department of Education.

Conflicting School Information

If the religious exemption requirements communicated from your local school seem to be in conflict with Georgia law, then we have information that can help. GCVC has compiled a letter for parents to send to schools that have distributed materials conflicting with the full law and exemptions to vaccinations in Georgia. To request a letter, please complete this form.

School Exemptions
Employee Exemption

Employee Exemption Information

Are you an adult facing a vaccine requirement from your employer? Please read our article for a comprehensive overview of the law, how to write your religious exemption, and more.


Click the button below for even more information and resources about religious exemptions to employer vaccine mandates.

Immigration Exemption

Immigration Exemption Information

Do not let vaccines hold you back from immigrating to the United States. If you are oppose to receiving a COVID-19 vaccine or any other vaccine, you may qualify for a vaccine immigration waiver. Learn about the different types of waivers and find out if you qualify. Click the button below to get information from professionals who can help.

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