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Election Calendar

2024 Legislation

Action Center

GCVC's Action Center is your go-to place for quickly sending personalized emails to your legislators and conveniently accessing useful legislative campaign summaries during Georgia's short legislative session. While our 2024 session is over, this is an election year so click here for Georgia's 2024 election calendar. 

2024 General Assembly Overview

Your Voice Matters! In the 2024 legislative session your emails, calls, testimony and trips to the capitol resulted in 3 bills passed, 5 bills stopped, and 5 dead bills that failed to pass. Here's a summary of what we accomplished together:

3 Bills PASSED

  • HB633    No Patient Left Alone

  • HB1053  Prohibits government agencies from using Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) as payment

  • SB420    Bans China & other foreign adversaries from buying farmland


  • HB 174  Requires DOE to provide information on immunizations to parents of 6th graders

  • HB 213  Changes from 6th grade to kindergarten for parents of school children to receive influenza vaccine information

  • SB 445  Requires DOE to provide parents & guardians of 6th grade students information regarding recommended adolescent vaccinations

5 Bills DIED

  • SB180  Georgia Religious Freedom Restoration Act (passed senate/stalled House Judiciary)

  • SR634  Resolution opposing further enabling WHO (sponsor plans to re-file 2025)

  • HR566  Resolution creating House Study Committee on GA's Covid-19 response & Future Pandemic Preparedness

  • HB897  Georgia Medical Freedom Act

  • HB576  Stops discrimination for organ transplant based solely on vaccination status (passed House/stalled Senate Health and Human Services Committee)

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*Click here for a summary of GA's 2023 session.

Georgia Election Calendar 2024

Major 2024 Election Dates

There are 3 elections and 2 possible runoffs:

  03.12.24 - Presidential Preference Primary

  05.21.24 - General Primary

  06.18.24 - General Primary Runoff (if needed)

  11.05.24 - General Election

  12.03.24 - General Election Runoff (if needed)

12.25.23 - Earliest date to submit Absentee Ballot Application

02.12.24 - Voter registration deadline (allow time for mailing; must be received by this date)

02.19.24 - Advance voting starts

03.01.24 - Absentee ballot application due

03.12.24 - Presidential Preference Primary ELECTION DAY

Visit GCVC's Voting Tools page, where you can register to vote, request an absentee ballot, or verify your voter registration status.

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