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What was the Simpsonwood meeting and why is it significant?

WHAT: a secret meeting held over 20 years ago


WHO: the CDC convened a group of experts - top public health officials, government scientists, vaccine manufacturers and vaccine specialists

WHERE: at an offside location away from CDC offices... at a retreat center called Simpsonwood

TOPIC: how to handle a concerning "signal" in the data regarding mercury, vaccines, and nervous system disorders such as autism, ADD, tics, etc. (read the transcript)

RESULT: a devastating cover up

Missed the June 8 event?

Watch the powerful speakers who discussed the CDC, Simpsonwood, and why it matters today.

General Vaccine Information

  • Live vaccines use a weakened (or attenuated) form of the germ that causes a disease

  • While it is stated to be a myth, it is well documented that live virus vaccines are not only capable of causing the very disease an individual has been vaccinated for, but also causing secondary transmission of the vaccine strain virus to other individuals.

  • Package Inserts from live virus vaccines warn to avoid close contact with susceptible individuals (immunocompromised, pregnant women, newborns) for a period of time after receiving a vaccine. Doctors’ offices and hospitals issue warnings to recently vaccinated individuals to avoid contact with susceptible patients.

  • While vaccine shedding is not monitored, there are an abundance of documented cases evidencing transmission of vaccine strain viruses from person to person.

  • Adverse reactions and injuries do occur from vaccines 

  • The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) acknowledges and compensates for adverse reactions known to be associated with certain vaccines. 

  • The Vaccine Injury Table includes but is not limited to seizures, encephalitis, autoimmune disorders and death.

  • Despite these recognized adverse events, many studies have identified additional severe and debilitating conditions resulting from vaccination, which are NOT compensable through VICP.

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