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Vaccination & Immunity Status Discrimination

Have You Experienced Vaccination or Immunity Status Discrimination?

We are taking action for you! Please follow the steps below to get your story on the record with legislators, as we must educate them on this massive issue and get laws in place that will protect our vaccination and immunity status under our governing Civil Rights! We should not be shut out from society, face hardships monetarily, or be fired for our personal and private medical decisions. Now is the time!

What is vaccination and immunity status discrimination, and how do I know if I’ve been discriminated against?

​This is when an individual is treated differently than others based on their vaccination and immunity status and are subjected to negative actions, that are not applied equally to all.

In the present, we are focused on those discriminated against because they are unvaccinated, vaccinated, or have natural immunity. Negative actions could include but are not limited to: segregation, masking, testing, demotion or firing, refusal of service, denied access to events (professional and personal) or higher fees to name a few of the types of discrimination and segregation that occur. Other examples include:

  • Employment

    • being refused a promotion or job because of their health status or when an employer finds out about an employee’s health status and fires, demotes or segregates them

  • Consumer

    • denied service or charged higher rates/amounts or put into a separate area from others

  • Medical

    • Refusing care & treatment to an individual

  • Education

    • requiring masking, ongoing testing or being charged higher tuition fees or segregated or forced to take online classes

About Vaccination and Immunity Status Discrimination Stories

We have developed this webpage to centralize all incidents of Vaccination and Immunity Status segregation and discrimination in Georgia in order to share these tragic stories with legislators. We must show that this issue is real and pervasive, and provide them the ability to put laws in place that protect all of us from unjust vaccination and immunity status discrimination.


Have you been:​

  • treated differently at work for choosing an exemption?

  • removed from a pediatrician's office for declining vaccines

  • fired or demoted?

  • faced with financial hardship from added fees/financial penalties?

  • kicked out of a nursing home, assisted living, rehab for refusing to get vaccinated?

  • denied access to a hotel?

  • coerced, manipulated, or bullied into taking the shot and were then injured?

  • denied medical access/care from a doctor?

  • refused participation in events by family, friends or neighbors?

All of this is discrimination, and we need all these stories!


We can’t make effective change to our laws without your voice. We must protect everyone’s vaccination and immunity status, and stories of discrimination will enable legislators to take action! Sharing your story will help protect not only you but also your children from future discrimination, and will help make sure this never happens again! Complete the form with these details:

  • Tell your story

  • Include details like who, what, when, and where it happened

  • Let us know if you have any supporting documentation you'd like to share


We Need Your Voice! Please fill out the form below if you have an incident to report.

Share Your Vaccination or Immunity Status Discrimination Story

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