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School-Based Health Centers

School-based health centers are here, heavily funded and rapidly expanding. These full-service, profit-based centers offer medical, behavioral and psychological treatment to students. They are intended to be the "medical home" for your child, billing your insurance, including Medicaid, for services rendered. Currently, there is no regulation of these centers and it appears that parents are being given a single pre-consent form that serves as blanket consent for any and all services.

Your child's school could soon be prescribing drugs, administering vaccines, providing mental health counseling and a host of other services without your knowledge and using a single form that you signed giving blanket consent for treatment at a School-Based Health Center. 

We've teamed up with Stand for Health Freedom to provide you with more information about SBHCs. These information sheets break down everything you need to know:

Click the links above or the "Read more" button under each tab below to download and share PDFs with family, friends and legislators.

  • What is a School-based health center?

  • How is it different from a school nurse?

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